BEATS Charity

BEATS is a small charity, with no employees, only volunteers. It maintains a close and personal relationship between its supporters and projects, so that groups and individuals are able to choose to support people and projects to which they can relate.

Or support us with regular donations to our projects or Sponsor a Child. Download our "30 days of prayer" book here!

BEATS primarily operates in Indonesia, collaborating with five organisations. We partner with GBI Church in Ambon (E Indonesia) to aid earthquake victims through home rebuilding, child sponsorship and a start-up business loan program. Additionally in Sumatra (NW Indonesia) we work alongside YSI, which conducts disaster preparedness and runs micro enterprise schemes as well as YACAN and YASAH who operate Children's Homes. YASERA helps communities with disaster preparedness along with health and development programmes in various locations in Indonesia.

July 2024

The BEATS 2023 Annual Report and Accounts are now available, download them from the About Page

Old House 13

March 2024

BEATS have now provided funds for the rebuilding or repair of 14 houses, following the destructive earthquake in Ambon in September 2019. Simon, Olla and their 5 children are very poor; Simon grows food in their garden, and sometimes supplements this by going sea fishing to provide food for his family.

For information on how BEATS has already helped in Ambon see the information on our Ambon page.

Old House 13 New House 13