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Children's Home in Medan, Sumatra


Children's Home and school in Medan, Sumatra

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YACAN Children's Home, Deli Tua, Medan, Indonesia, is a Christian home, currently housing approximately 50 children. The home is purpose built, and includes a hydroponics project and areas to grow fruit and food in order to be as self sufficient as possible.

YACAN Grad Student 1

Two of the students at YACAN Children's Home, Apernus and Odina, have graduated in Business Management this year. They will now stay at YACAN for a year supporting the staff; Apernus will be in charge of the younger boys and the hydroponics project, Odina will be in charge of the younger girls and assist with finance records.

YACAN Grad Student 2
YASAH Children's Home

YASAH Children's Home is located on the outskirts of Medan, Sumatra and is home to approximately 120 children. It has its' own school (known locally at Anastasia School), which provides education for these children as well as about 200 children from the surrounding area. BEATS has been providing funds towards teachers' salaries to enable the school to give all these children a good start to life.

YASAH School