Helping victims of earthquakes and tsunamis


Many people at various churches and schools, as well as individuals, are enjoying raising funds. Here are some examples of how people have supported BEATS.

Bishop Luffa School, Chichester ran a 'Wear Something Festive' fundraiser in December 2020 and donated to BEATS £183.77 from the proceeds. £110 was used by YASAH school to fund replacement of one of a number of windows; the worn, dangerous condition of the old frame can be seen in the photo on the left. The new window is shown in the photo on the right. The remaining monies were put towards the teachers' salaries – BEATS currently have a 50% shortfall in regular funding for this important project.

A BEATS' supporter, Hannah and her family, decided to do a 777 challenge through GoFundMe to try and raise £777 to buy 3 new laptops for YACAN that were needed for home schooling. They raised an amazing £789! Another supporter, Penny, donated £108 towards laptops. Well done and thank you! The photo shows some of the YACAN children with the new laptops.

What is a 777 Challenge? As well as giving donations, sponsors were asked to suggest challenges that the family could do in either 700 seconds, 70 minutes or 7 hours, and on the 19th June the family selected three to complete. They sang instead of speaking for 7 hours, cycled for 70 minutes, and played Uno for 700 seconds without using their thumbs! Wow!

The Sydney and Phyllis Goldberg Memorial Trust provided funding through BEATS towards these new science and computer laboratories, which will enable the preparation of some of the older students for university. This trust also provided funds for a medical centre (photo right); a very necessary facility now that over 400 children attend the school each day. BEATS would like to secure funding for a school nurse.

A Dentist from Southbourne provided enough toothbrushes for all of the children at YACAN and YASAH. That's about 150 toothbrushes! A really practical gift that makes so much difference. He also donated money for a laptop for YACAN (photo left shows Putri using the new machine). Pictured on the right are the children at YACAN with their toothbrushes.

Note: BEATS will always strive to ensure that donations are used as requested, but reserve the right to allocate them elsewhere should circumstances dictate.

Regular supporters of BEATS:

Bishop Luffa School, Chichester, West Sussex. Visit: Bishop Luffa School Chichester

Holy Trinity Church, Bosham, West Sussex. Visit: Holy Trinity Church Bosham

St Paul's Church, Chichester, West Sussex. Visit: St Paul's Church Chichester

St John's Church, Southbourne, West Sussex. Visit: St John's Church Southbourne

St Leonard's Church, Horsham, West Sussex. Visit: St Leonard's Church Horsham