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Sponsoring Children

BEATS is already helping many children receive a good education at YACAN Children's Home in Medan, and many children there have benefitted from sponsorship support. There are many children in Ambon whose families have been affected by the 2019 earthquake who need support to be able to attend school. Sponsorship can be any amount, in multiples of £5 per month, up to £30 per month. Costs are higher for those wishing to go on to higher education, so BEATS usually collects a group of sponsors to help those wanting to go to university.

Contact us to sponsor a child or student or for more information about sponsorship. Click on the child's photo for more information about them.

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BEATS is a small charity that works closely with its' partner organisations overseas. This enables sponsors to have good relationships with the children and young people they sponsor, and they can enjoy receiving letters and photos regularly.

BEATS has recently started offering the option of a WhatsApp video call so that sponsors can see and speak to their child directly. The photo shows sponsors Michelle and Rosemary (top), speaking to Destin (bottom left), who they are sponsoring on a midwifery course. All calls are overseen by a BEATS trustee, Sarah Page (BEATS Chair) in this instance, who is also there to assist with translation if neccesary.


Many young people have benefited from a good education through BEATS sponsorship, here are two examples.

Left: Meniria lived at YASAH children's home and attended YASAH school. She then went on to study midwifery and qualified in Summer 2018. She is seen here at work in the maternity department at a Medan clinic.

Right: Yati's family are from Nias Island, where most of the population work on rubber plantations and wages are extremely low, so the people are very poor. Yati and her brother came to live at YACAN children's home and, after finishing school, she went on to study English at university in Medan. She graduated in April 2017 and is seen here at work as an administrator in an office in Jakarta. Her brother has now also graduated; Yati has provided the funds so her brother can renovate the family home, prior to starting his career.


Note: BEATS will always strive to ensure that donations are used as requested, but reserve the right to allocate them elsewhere should circumstances dictate.

Choose the child you wish to sponsor (from only £5 per month) and contact us at:


Telephone/Text: 07940 454420

Or write to: Mrs S Page (BEATS Chair), 47 Arnold Way, Bosham. PO18 8NJ. England.

Payment options:

Standing Order, Cheque (UK Sterling only), CAF cheque. Download a standing order form and, if you pay tax, a gift aid declaration (GAD) form.

Click here for a PDF Standing Order and Gift Aid form PDF, or download as a word document - Post or email to BEATS

You may set up regular payments (which is our preferred option, but not essential) or pay by lump sum to cover a certain number of months.

On the right are pictures of children holding letters from their sponsors


Frequently Asked Questions

How long must I be committed to sponsorship? There is no commitment, but we prefer sponsors to be committed to a child until they have finished their education (usually 18) if possible. Recently, older children have been finishing compulsory education and wanting to further their skills and work prospects by attending further education. Because this is more expensive, each child usually has a group of sponsors.
Does all my money go to my child?

Yes. 100% of specific sponsorship money is transferred to our partners for your child. Any reclaimed tax is put into the BEATS’ General Fund, so that no child gets more money than any other child.


Do I find out what is bought with my money? Yes. Besides the obvious things such as clothing, school supplies, food etc., your child will tell you in letters what they have received with your money.
Anything else worth knowing? Yes. You will also receive information, photos, letters and sometimes videos. You may also visit your child if you wish. We are in regular contact with our partners, and questions (via email) are usually responded to promptly. Sponsors are encouraged to write occasionally to their child and send photos. Gifts may also be sent.
Quotes from Supporters of BEATS:

“With BEATS we know exactly how our donations are being spent. Real people making a real difference on the ground.”  Catherine M.

“I think it worthwhile supporting BEATS as it makes me feel personally involved with the lad I am helping. Updates from him and the team at BEATS help keep me informed with progress. Other charities seem to have a more distant attitude where I feel my money just goes into a big pot.”Julie C.

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