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Sponsoring Children

It costs £20 (code YS) or £30 (code MD) per month to sponsor a child, more for university students, (however, part sponsorship is available from £5 per month). The following children need sponsorship, click on their picture to view more details:

Contact us to sponsor a child or student.

The following young people would like to study at university; the cost is typically around £80 - £100 per month for a university course. BEATS strives to arrange for a group of sponsors to support someone through university


Fonah - MD27 Odina - MD44 Apernus - MD46 Mesnuriana - MD45
24/09/1999 05/10/1999 14/06/1999 00/00/0000
Sati - MD41 M. Sabar - BA23 Lina - MD38 M. Aiyuhal - BA21
00/00/0000 00/00/0000 00/00/0000 00/00/0000

Children at YASAH and YACAN Children's Homes:


Rahman - YS039 Friska - MD40 Mei - YS078 Tius - MD50 Polinus - MD49 Ariston - YS024 Okto - MD50
09/06/2003 12/12/2006 09/05/1998 17/10/2005 14/04/2004 29/02/1998 17/10/2005


Sepi -YS079 Putri - YS051 Novamaritus YS052 Siniada - YS003 Adri - YS054 Jehin - MD37 Anisa - YS058
06/04/1999 12/10/2010 10/11/2004 24/04/1995 12/12/2000 22/02/2006 26/12/1997


Vince - MD51 Benaria - YS063 Riska - YS064 Nita - MD52 Surat - YS066 Yunita - YS067 Sri - YS068
14/03/2005 16/06/1999 25/05/1998 09/04/2001 11/02/2003 02/06/1999 02/09/1999


Maidar - YS069 Seven - YS070 Heni - YS072 Ranjes - YS073 Pasti - YS074 Yosia - YS075
01/12/2002 07/07/2002 02/10/2000 16/06/2000 24/05/2004 26/03/2003


Ingati - YS086 Nopemberman YS037 Meiman - MD43 Aris - MD48 Ferihati - YS040 Jofi - YS085 Seven - YS080
05/10/1996 28/11/2003 06/06/2003 25/11/2000 23/12/2002 24/05/2003 04/08/1999


Note: BEATS will always strive to ensure that donations are used as requested, but reserve the right to allocate them elsewhere should circumstances dictate.

Choose the child you wish to sponsor (from only£5 per month) and contact us at:


Telephone/Text: 07940 454420

Write to: Mrs S Page (BEATS Chair), 47 Arnold Way, Bosham. PO18 8NJ. England.

Payment options:

Standing Order, Cheque (UK Sterling only), CAF cheque. Download a standing order form and, if you pay tax, a gift aid declaration (GAD) form.

PDF Standing Order and Gift Aid form - Post or email to BEATS

You may set up regular payments (which is our preferred option, but not essential) or pay by lump sum to cover a certain number of months.

On the right are pictures of children holding letters from their sponsors



Questions and Answers

How long must I be committed to sponsorship? There is no commitment, but we prefer sponsors to be committed to a child until they have finished their education (usually 18) if possible. Recently, older children have been finishing compulsory education and wanting to further their skills and work prospects by attending further education. Because this is more expensive, each child usually has a group of sponsors.
Does all my money go to my child?

Yes. 100% of specific sponsorship money is transferred to our partners. They keep back 5% in case your child needs medical or dental treatment. Each month they assess the child’s needs and buy what is appropriate with the other 95% of your donation. Any reclaimed tax is put into the BEATS’ General Fund, so that no child gets more money than any other child.


Do I find out what is bought with my money? Yes. Your child will tell you in letters what they have received with your money.
Anything else worth knowing? Yes. You will also receive information, photos, letters and sometimes DVDs. You may also visit your child if you wish. We are in regular contact with our partners, and questions (via email) are usually responded to promptly. Sponsors are encouraged to write occasionally to their child and send photos. Gifts may also be sent.
Quotes from Supporters of BEATS: “With BEATS we know exactly how our donations are being spent. Real people making a real difference on the ground.”  C. Madinaveitia

“I think it worthwhile supporting BEATS as it makes me feel personally involved with the lad I am helping. Updates from him and the team at BEATS help keep me informed with progress. Other charities seem to have a more distant attitude where I feel my money just goes into a big pot.” (J. Collins)


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