First of all I’d like to thank the Almighty God for His help to me; this year I’ve done my 12th class at Anastasia School. My profuse thanks goes to BEATS for the continuous support till date. My name is Seven Juliwanti Gulo. I was born in Nias, 7th July 2002. I am 18 years old and I’m the 1st child of 5 siblings.

A massive earthquake in Nias 2005 has brought change in many aspects. The situations turn into difficulties especially in economic. Seeing all these things, my parents were seeking some assistance from Pak Ndraha to let me stay and continue my studies at Anastasia School.

I thank the Lord for all His mercy to me through the help of Pak Ndraha till date. I completed my 12th class here at Anastasia School. As Senior High School degree holder, I feel myself in needed to continue further. I am planning to pursue my studies. I am wish to take Primary Teacher Education course at Catholic University of Saint Thomas, Medan.


Seven Juliwanti Gulo

Seven already has some sponsorship; email: for more details

Pak Ndraha and his wife Susanna run this purpose built home for 120 children on the outskirts of Medan. They also have a school, specialising in English, on the site to educate the children in the home and those who live nearby. Through BEATS, funding is being provided for teachers’ salaries, and extra facilities such as additional classrooms, science/computer labs & sports’ facilities. See the YASAH page for more information.