MD55 Putri. Putri Firdayanti  is an  earthquake victim of 2005 in Nias. She is due to finish Elementary School in June 2020 (High School in June 2026). The parents are still alive and living in Nias island. Their house was destroyed by the earthquake and the family had to stay in the refugee camp until an NGO came to build a house for them. They also live in poverty. The parents could not afford to send her to school anymore for their economic condition has been a big concern. She has been part of YACAN since June 2018. Putri has 66% sponsorship at present.

Hobby - Playing Volleyball

Favourite Food - Fried Rice; Coffee

Favourite Colour - Red

Ambition - Maths Teacher

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The Deli Tua is a purpose built children's home built in 2012, and is located on the outskirts of Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia. They have a fish farm, chickens, and areas to grow fruit and vegetables with the aim of being as self sufficient as possible.