MD40 Friska

Friska is the earthquake victim of 2005 in Nias. Her mother already passed away from the violence in the family on November, 2012. Her father is still alive and living in Nias island. The father got married again. The father neglected her without giving enough love. For that reason, Friska dropped out of school. Her father was also drunk, so her grandmother  was really concerned about the circumstances. Then, the grandmother take a decision to put her in YACAN Children's Home in Delitua where she can continue her study and get good education.

Siblings                                   : 2nd  of 3 siblings ( 3 girls )
Ambition                                 : International dancer
Hobby                                     : Playing football
Favourite subject                     : Indonesian subject
Favourite food                         : Cake and crispy chips
Favourite drink                       : Mango juice
Favourite animal                     : Dog
Favourite colour                      : Red

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About YACAN Children's Home:

The Deli Tua is a purpose built children's home built in 2012, and is located on the outskirts of Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia. They have a fish farm, chickens, and areas to grow fruit and vegetables with the aim of being as self sufficient as possible.