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Below are some quotes from people who have visited our projects in Indonesia, and from some of our supporters.

Ray and I consider that BEATS is a very well run charity, we particularly like the fact that all monies raised go directly to the children's home, for the benefit of the staff and children. We also really enjoy the regular letters and videos from our sponsored child, it was fantastic to have a one to one conversation with her earlier in the year via WhatsApp. We really appreciate all of the hard work and effort that goes into organising these special events.

Ray & Lyn A.

Many people have visited our projects in Indonesia, but not since 2019 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We stayed at YACAN in August 2019 for a few days, and met all the lovely children and staff. We were treated as honoured guests and a gift from God.

Alan, Teresa & Patrick H. - August 2019

Our son, Patrick, stayed on for a month as a volunteer helping with English conversation and playing games and sport.

We wholeheartedly commend the good work at YACAN, and would encourage anyone to support their work financially and to visit if they can.

Neil & Carolyn W. - Spring 2018

We had an amazing trip to Indonesia, we saw God at work, learnt a lot, and found it very emotional. It far surpassed our expectations and has changed us. Meeting our sponsored children in Banda Aceh after 12 years was the highlight of our visit, but there were many more memories, including playing in the sea with many of the orphaned children and their guardians. The generosity we received from these very poor people was a humbling experience; extending hospitality to us westerners was important to them. It has been a privilege to spend time with so many of the children supported through BEATS. The sponsorship programme gives the children a feeling of being cared for by an adult outside the children’s home or their ‘foster family’. Seeing their enthusiastic response on receiving a letter from their sponsor was real evidence of the affection they have for them. The joy and happiness in the two children’s homes, YACAN and YASAH, is tangible and their strong Christian faith reflects in all they do, whether playing together, carrying out their daily duties and even studying.

Emily R. - Summer 2017

Something that stood out about my visit to Indonesia was how, wherever I found myself, I was always welcomed with open hearts and kindness. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and would encourage anyone who is thinking of doing something similar to go ahead and do it! It will be one of the best eye-opening experiences of your life.

Steve, Jane & Naomi E. - April 2017

Through the support of

BEATS, children are given a loving and secure home and an enriching

Education that sets them on their journey into adult life. Spending time with them has been an

Amazing experience.

The children and staff give out so much happiness and

Share their faith and the joy of being together. It has been such a privilege to spend time with them and to be a part of their lives.

“With BEATS we know exactly how our donations are being spent. Real people making a real difference on the ground.”  Catherine M.

Sarah L., a teacher at Seaford College, Petworth, taught English at the YASAH school in July 2013. Her blog gives a fascinating insight into her experiences and the lives of the children and their teachers. Click here to view Sarah's blog

Sarah said "I will never forget the love and sense of community during my time as a volunteer at YASAH. For me the volunteering was a way of giving and it was also a very spiritual journey."

"I loved the photos of Hemat having a great time with his pals.  What a healthy happy looking boy, very nice to see him thriving." Lisa F. (Sponsor of Hemat)

Mo A. - October 2016

Amazed how happy they all are with so little possessions and a tough life.

Emotional roller coaster.

Frustration that I could not do more (wave a magic wand!).

Shocked by what some of these children have coped with in their short lives.

Happy because they have Sarah, Pak Ndraha, Mena and all the lovely teachers and carers in their lives and that there is hope for their future with all the love and support they have.

Margaret S. - July 2016

This was the most amazing trip I have ever been on. Apart from seeing first-hand the effects of the Boxing Day tsunami in the museum and sights of Banda Aceh, it was so lovely to meet such friendly, welcoming and loving people. It’s so important to see the workings and results of any charity programme, although often not practical for many to do so, and here in Indonesia I experienced everything one could wish for. The children and staff are so wonderful, so full of joy and hope despite their experiences, so grateful  for anything that is done for them and both children’s homes, YACAN and YASAH, are filled with a love that is tangible and embraces all. I learnt so much and received so much love I felt both proud to be part of it but also humbled by their openness, gratitude, acceptance of what life brings and hopes for their future.

Sally Ann J. - October 2015

If you want to grow your faith, visit YASAH and YACAN orphanages in Indonesia. In YASAH to wake at 5 a.m. to the sound of children singing worship songs, rising, no, soaring, from the centre of the square building which is open to the sky and to live in the love and care of this large family.

In YACAN, a lovely smaller mirror image of YASAH, a close family of mainly unrelated children of 6 to 21 year olds, who love and look after each other, secure, nurtured and trained up in righteousness and all these children being encouraged to be ambitious for their future.


“ BEATS is a charity where you know your financial support is going to the heart of the issue. You get to know the children you are supporting.” Steve W.

“I have been with BEATS since 2006 and have found it a highly fulfilling way to give. BEATS allows me to help a specific person on the other side of the world, to know that my money is making a difference and, through the facility, to exchange letters, gifts and photographs to build a personal relationship with the recipient.” Paul B.

“Love in action, where you can be confident your donation gets to the heart of the need – straight to the orphaned children.” Julie F.

"I've looked at all the BEATS' leaflets and actually it's very interesting." (James, aged 9)

James H - July/August 2014

The children and staff were some of the friendliest and most humbling people that I've ever come across, and I have witnessed first-hand the amazing work of BEATS. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at YASAH and YACAN, and I hope that my trip to Indonesia will be the first of many!

Seen here at YASAH with some university students and giving a sport lesson

The first university student to graduate said: "Thank you for the many years you have sponsored me, so that I can arrive at where I am now. Although I cannot repay all you have given, I am sure God will repay it."

Ian M. December 2014

"It's my last day in Indonesia today. I am really sad to leave this beautiful country and these amazingly friendly people!"

The picture (right) shows Ian with some of the sponsored teachers, holding letters from their sponsors.

Jane I. December 2013

"Thank you for the photo of our sponsored child, holding gifts which were bought with our money. It is always good to see that the money given to BEATS gets to her and is usefully spent for appropriate needs." At YACAN in December 2013 (Left)

Joey C. and Yingli C. both visited in October 2013

Joey said:"The children are incredible and I have learnt many lessons from them. They approach everything with tons of passion and excitement, treating chores like hobbies and hobbies like they are living the dream. Pak Ndraha and his family are some of the most humble people I have ever met; they are fantastic role models to everybody here and wonderful hosts."

Yingli said:"Even though we only stayed in YACAN for three days, I felt being part of the family ever since the first day we arrived. We could not communicate very much in detail, as we speak different languages; but I always feel their over-pouring love for us. We barely knew each other, where is this passionate love from?"

“BEATS beats the odds and brings happiness to the orphans.” Peter S.

“ BEATS get straight to the problem and cuts out the middleman.”  Mel S.

"Going out to Indonesia has made me much more aware of the wonderful work that BEATS are doing. It is not just about our giving to the children but it is also about building relationships, showing our love to them by spending time with them and taking personal messages to them from their sponsors. The children and families welcomed us warmly with thanks and gratitude for the support we give. Meeting my sponsored child was a wonderful experience. I felt welcomed and embraced  immediately by his whole family. I feel privileged to have been able to meet him and be welcomed into his home." Elaine H.

“I think it worthwhile supporting BEATS as it makes me feel personally involved with the lad I am helping. Updates from him and the team at BEATS help keep me informed with progress. Other charities seem to have a more distant attitude where I feel my money just goes into a big pot.” Julie C.

"The level of BEATS communication and feedback right now is fantastic. We feel very blessed and valued. We think that Elsa does too which is a credit to all who care for her day to day." Mike & Barbara W. (Sponsors of Elsa)

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