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Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami help, Phase 2

YSI have formed the villagers into four animal husbandry groups plus other groups who will plant crops and farm fish. Each villager can only join one group, and each group will receive animals once barns have been made ready. YSI will monitor the group's preparations, and will supply materials and organic food supplements with money from BEATS when appropriate. Seedlings and other supplies will also be provided for groups growing crops and fish farming. YSI will have to source some things from outside the area as there are still shortages of supply around Palu. BEATS still needs more funds for these projects, use the Disaster Appeal Button at the top of this page to contribute.

Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami help Phase 1

BEATS found reliable partners (an Indonesian registered charity, called YSI) to help the victims in Sulawesi. Their team distributed aid to 341 households in three villages, see the video above. The villages are called Wisolo, Jono and Rogo, south of the centre of Palu. The initial help provided food, hygiene kits, similar to those supplied to Lombok (see below), trauma healing for children and hygiene training. Phase 2 (see above) is to help the villagers become self sufficient once more by helping start farming and other projects


Ibu Frida from Wisolo (photo right) said "I really need these things,Thank you!"

Some of the supplies being made ready for distribution can be seen in the photo. (far right)

Sign first.. then get your supplies - Pak Sekdes from Wisolo signs for his supplies. (photo left)

Lombok Earthquakes

BEATS provided funds to support Padamara, a village of approximately 100 families who were affected by this disaster. Our contact, who works for World Relief, has distributed essential supplies as seen in the photographs. Each bin contains:

Food Kit - Rice, oil, eggs and salt.

Shelter kit - which includes tarpaulins, blankets, sleeping mats, mosquito nets, bucket, jerry cans, rope, machete, hammer & nails.

Hygiene kit - which include washing bin and powder, shampoo, soap, towel, toothbrush and paste, dishwashing liquid and sponge.

Kitchen set - cooking pot, wok, frying pan, stirring spoons, soup spoons, cup, deep plate and bowls.

Danao Baptist Church, Bohol, Philippines

BEATS has provided funds to enable the Danao Baptist Church to build a new church building, following the destruction of their original building in the October 2013 earthquake. External building work is now completed; the slide show (right) shows the process from the congregation collecting hardcore for the foundations and the building progressing.

Tom Calcluth went to Nepal Easter 2018 with a group of young people to help provide better educational facilities for victims of the 2016 earthquakes. They bought paint and decorated classrooms and hostel rooms, and also provided money for desks and lighting equipment. BEATS provided some of the funding. Tom said the trip was amazing and one of the best experiences of his life.

Pidie Aceh, Indonesia

BEATS' raised £2,144.31 to help the victims of this disaster, which caused widespread damage and claimed 102 lives in an area south west of Banda Aceh, Indonesia in December 2016. Pak Robert and his team used the money raised to give supplies of cooking oil, rice and sugar to needy families, and also supply items such as shoes, socks and backpacks for children to enable them to attend school.


Following the devastating earthquake in April and May 2015, BEATS sent funds via Nepal In Need (, who supplied packs of tin roofing to families and also assisted with the reconstruction of a school in Bhojpur, to the south east of Mt Everest.

Nias Islands, Indonesia

Sponsors of BEATS are helping children affected by the Nias island earthquake of Easter Monday 2005. Some of these children are living at YACAN children's home and some at YASAH children's home. Most families on Nias island are extremely poor, as the photos of typical homes show. Many people work on rubber plantations; an average wage is around £4 per week from which they often have to try to feed large families.

Sarah Page visited Nias island in July 2013, and met some of the families of children at the YACAN children's home in Medan. Travelling around Nias is hazardous; narrow roads clinging to steep hillsides with sections washed away by landslides and water torrents. This island is located along the fault line which caused the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami and which frequently causes less catastrophic, yet serious earthquakes & tremors. Heavy rainfall frequently causes landslides.

Padang, Indonesia.

Following an earthquake on 30th September 2009, BEATS gave a grant to help 50 children attend school for 6 months, whilst their families recovered from the destruction of their homes and loss of employment. Padang victims are also living at YASAH children's home.


Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

Following a tsunami in October 2010, BEATS teamed up with our partners Pak Robert and Ibu Diah, who organised a team to take supplies to help 40 families. 10 villages were swept away and over 550 people died.

BEATS has also helped:

Samoa Islands (tsunami 30th September 2009)

Haiti (earthquake 12th January 2010), via the charity Emmanuel International

Japan (tsunami 11th March 2011)

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