Helping victims of earthquakes and tsunamis


On 26 September 2019, a strong magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck Seram Island in Maluku, Indonesia, near the provincial capital of Ambon. A total of 41 people were killed by the quake and another 1,578 people were injured. More than 6,000 structures were damaged or destroyed throughout Maluku. People have been living in tents or shacks since the earthquake; the onset of the rainy season added to their difficulties due to leaking structures and the threat of flooding. BEATS sent 4 grants during 2020 for essential supplies (see details below). However, there is still need for permanent houses to replace those damaged and destroyed.

BEATS new project is to collect funds to rebuild and repair damaged homes.

Mr and Mrs Saiya (see photos left and right) have been carefully chosen to be the first to receive our help. They are in their 60s and work as cleaners. They currently live with their son and 2 grandchildren in a makeshift tent. You will see from these ‘before’ photos of their 6m x 6m destroyed house that there is great need. It will cost approximately £1,500 per property to rebuild a house; quite a small sum compared to the cost of a property in the UK! To contribute to this fund, use the details from the Donate Now Button and email us at to specify your donation is for Ambon housing.

Also, the effects of the earthquake combined with the continuing Covid restrictions has placed additional financial burdens on what was already an impoverished community. Sponsoring a child through BEATS will enable children to continue their education, see our Sponsor a Child page for information on children and students needing sponsorship.

Initial Aid May – June 2020 Lock-down restrictions prevented many from earning income; the Indonesian government put restrictions in place regarding movement of people but our contacts Pastors Jan and John were allowed to visit to deliver essential supplies. They have distributed food parcels, tarpaulins, plywood and small amounts of cash for essential supplies. Pak John reported: “I write this message with tears in my eyes because I was very moved to witness how God's help is on time and that He sees their distress. They are very happy when we give them sembako (basic supplies); they all really enjoy receiving groceries, tarps and the plywood you give.”

Ambon: 4th Grant for Earthquake/Covid victims distributed 18th to 25th June 2020; also installed electricity in 1 house.

Grateful for food

Electricity installed

Grateful for electricity supply

Thankful Widower

Ambon: 3rd Grant for Covid/Earthquake victims distributed 9th to 11th June 2020; earlier grants information below.

Ambon: 2nd Grant for Covid/Earthquake victims distributed 26th to 29th May 2020; 1st grant information below.

Ambon: 1st grant for Covid/Earthquake victims distributed 15th to 18th May 2020.

Left: Pak John said: “Mrs Americo was praying to God with her child to be given food. After the prayer was finished I shouted 'Shalom' and said we came to provide food to them. They smiled while saying the Lord Jesus was miraculous. Their house was totally destroyed. Her husband hurts in the knees and legs.”

Right: This couple live in a small hut, they have no children. They worked feeding their neighbour's pigs. Pak John gave them food and talked to them about Jesus.

Left: This is Yoke; her husband died 2 years ago. She has four children who are still at school. Their house was totally destroyed and they are now living in a refugee tent. She sells fried bananas to earn a living.

Right:This is Ibu Lani; her husband is a unskilled labourer. They have 11 children and are currently living in a refugee tent. She was happy to be given the tarpaulin because she could not afford to buy any.

Left: One of the displaced people carrying plywood supplied to help him repair his temporary accommodation.

Right: This is Mohamad; he earns a living by scavenging for used plastic items. His house caught fire last month and he now lives with his grandchildren in a boarding house. He was scavenging for food, so Pak John gave money to him.

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