Helping victims of earthquakes and tsunamis

About B.E.A.T.S.

BEATS was set up following the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami which claimed many lives over a vast area. The charity is principally working in Sumatra, Indonesia, providing financial support for education, accomodation, food and other needs for victims of earthquakes and tsunamis. BEATS partners with two organisations, YACAN & YASAH, who run Children's Homes and sponsorship programmes. BEATS are also partnering with YSI, who are running disaster preparedness courses in Aceh province, Indonesia. Following the earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi in September 2018, BEATS has also provided aid to victims of this disaster through YSI. The links below will lead you to information about these organisations and their work. Initial aid was also supplied to victims of the earthquakes in Lombok in July and August 2018, see the 'Other Areas' page. Thank you for your interest in BEATS charity.

Charity Overview

The song "Behind the Curtain" by Emily Page (YouTube clip above) gives an overview of the work of BEATS in photographs.

BEATS' Activities:
To help victims of tsunamis and earthquakes anywhere in the world where help is needed and effective partnerships can be made.

BEATS' Objectives are to provide:
1) Relief by means of material assistance to victims.
2) Education and vocational training of young people.
3) General regeneration in areas of deprivation for the benefit of the general public.

We have so far concentrated our efforts on helping people in Sumatra, Indonesia which has frequent earthquakes because it lies on the north fault line of the Australian tectonic plate - victims of the tsunami of Boxing Day 2004, Nias earthquake 2005, Padang earthquake 2009, Menatawai tsunami 2010. We have also helped victims of the Haiti earthquake 2010, Japan tsunami 2011, Samoa Islands tsunami 2009, Philippine earthquake 2013 and Nepal earthquakes 2016.

BEATS currently help by five methods:

a) Child/student sponsorship - see the Sponsor a child page

b) Regular giving towards staff allowances - YACAN Children's Home

c) Teacher sponsorship - YASAH Children's Home

d) General Fund - donations help bigger projects and regular purchases such as food, clothes, shoes etc. Donors can specify to which project they wish their donation to be allocated. See 'How to help' page.

e) Prayer.



(Legacies and Marketing)

(Child Protection Advisor)

Margaret Symonds

Tim Hitchings

Elaine Hooper

Julie Collins (Treasurer)

Neil Watt

Sarah Page (Chair)

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